Let Me Be Your Personal
Gastric LAP-BAND® Guide

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Whether you're considering LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery (sometimes referred to as "stomach band surgery") or have already had it...

...you've come to the right place! I'm a dietitian specializing in the gastric banding procedure.

My site will fill you in on all the details about the belly band...and life after bariatric banding.

And of course, since I AM a dietitian, I'll give extra attention to your new gastric band diet and all the issues surrounding it.

You see, success is not as simple as merely having stomach band surgery. Proper eating after bariatric surgery is a MUST. Your ultimate outcome (how much you end up weighing!) depends largely upon how committed and motivated you are to following the gastric band diet.

I'll give you those guidelines!

If you're just starting your research, I'll give you all the information on LAP-BAND® surgery you need to know. If you've already consulted a doctor or have already the stomach band, I'll answer those questions you may have been afraid to ask (or didn't even think to ask)!

LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery is simply a tool. It's up to YOU to make proper use of it. Allow me to help you. Think of me as your personal gastric band guide. :)

Can't find the answer to a specific question you have? Contact me! I'm only a click away!

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Meet Suzette Kroll, RD, Your Personal Lap-Band Guide
Bariatric Nutritionist Suzette Kroll of Tucson, AZ, is a Registered Dietitian, certified intrinsic coach and specialist in gastric lap band surgery.
Contact Suzette Kroll, RD, Your Personal Lap-Band Guide
Contact Your Personal Lap-Band Guide, Suzette Kroll, RD. Ask questions and leave comments about this website here.