Bariatric Vitamins
Get Into The Habit of Bariatric Supplements Before Your Stomach Band Surgery

Bariatric Vitamins

If you think the months and weeks before stomach band surgery are the time to do your worst eating...

...munching anything and everything in an attempt to savor your "last hurrah"...

...think again.

Poor nutritional status is a risk for poor healing, infection, and nutrient deficiencies later in life.

As you might know, it's entirely possible to be overweight and undernourished.

That's why the months and weeks before your gastric band surgery are times to focus on doing your best eating and getting into the best "nutritional shape" possible.

See my pre bariatric surgery diet menu suggestions.

Remember, the better nourished you are going into your gastric band operation, the faster your healing and the lower your risk of infections.

Getting into the habit of making healthy food choices and supplementing with bariatric vitamins pre-op will also give you a head start on your healthy, happy new way of life ahead.

Read more about why you need bariatric vitamins after gastric banding surgery.

Get into the habit of taking your bariatric supplements

There's no time like the present to start establishing good habits. If you're not good at "remembering" to take vitamins, now's the perfect time to start.

You'll have lots of new behaviors to get used to and remember after stomach band surgery. Making your bariatric vitamin regimen a matter of habit pre-op will free up energy to focus on other important new behaviors down the road.

Pre-op Bariatric Vitamin Recommendations

At minimum, I'd suggest you start taking a good quality multivitamin. Ideally it will be chewable, as this is the form you'll need to take in the first month(s) after surgery.

In addition, if you don't eat calcium rich dairy foods regularly, I'd suggest taking a calcium supplement.

Which brand of weight loss surgery nutritional supplements is the best?

Bariatric Advantage. Hands down.

Yes, you can find cheaper vitamins in the drugstore, but Bariatric Advantage's weight loss surgery nutritional supplements are specifically formulated to meet the needs of gastric band patients. Why would you even want to take anything else?!

Bariatric Advantage VitaBand Chewable Multivitamin and Mineral Formula.
Available in Watermelon and Mixed Berry flavors. Suggested dose: Chew 2 tablets/day or as otherwise directed by your doctor.

Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Lozenges. Available in Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mint, and Wild Cherry flavors. Suggested dose: 2 tablets/day or as otherwise directed by your doctor.

Note: These have ZERO calories and they taste like really sweet Sweet Tarts. Other calcium chews on the market (e.g. Citrical chews) taste good, but have 35 calories per chew...and you have to take 2 - 3 per day! That's a lot of calories wasted on "non-food!"

Make a commitment to starting your bariatric supplement regimen 2 weeks to 1 month "pre belly band."

Get in the habit...

...and never break it!

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