Bathroom Scale Review
The BEST Bathroom Scale...A MUST Have!

Here's my bathroom scale review of what I believe to be the best bathroom scale on the market....

Imagine stepping on the scale and never having to see an actual number.

Imagine using your bathroom scale to get feedback about your weight without getting distracted by the negative observation of an actual number.

Imagine no further.

Bathroom Scale Review: The Quantum Scale

This gets a bathroom scale rating of 10 stars in my book! The Quantum Scale never shows your weight...only your progress.

It's a bathroom scale with memory:

Step on for the first time and the scale will record your "starting weight."

Every time you step on after that, your weight will be compared to your starting weight and only your progress will be displayed: -1 lbs., -5 lbs, + 1 lbs., etc.

You can reset the scale at any time to record a new starting weight.

The Quantum Scale is the best bathroom scale to use for weight maintenance too.

If you're like me, you avoid the bathroom scale when you know your weight is up out of fear of seeing the actual number.

Using the best digital bathroom scale... The Quantum Scale...and seeing you're up +1 pounds or +5 pounds is still easier to take than seeing an actual weight.

The upward trend will likely make you realize you need to adjust eating and exercise before +1 turns in to +10 or +20 pounds!

Bathroom Scale = GREAT Weight Management Tool

Several well-controlled studies have found that daily weighing helps with both weight loss and prevention of weight gain.

They've shown a bathroom floor scale can help you determine when and whether you need to adjust your eating behavior or activity level.

Despite this fact, an overwhelming number of people HATE weighing themselves. I'm right there with you about fearing the sight of an actual number on the scale.

That's why I had to provide this bathroom scale review of the Quantum Scale, because I really do think it's a great way to monitor yourself while removing all the negativity that surrounds stepping on the bathroom floor scale.

Important Note

The Quantum Scale is intended for one user only. It's a personal bathroom floor scale.

Maybe the men in the house can use a blue bathroom scale and the women can use a pink one. The good news is that it comes in 5 colors you can pick from:

  • blue
  • pink
  • orange
  • green
  • black

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