Contributing Writers

My contributing writers rock!

I'm so grateful to have bariatric dietitian colleagues who are passionate about gastric band weight loss surgery and want to share their knowledge and experience on this website.

I think you'll agree their stories and advice are invaluable!

Kyle Rose
Meet Kyle Rose

Kyle is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Dietetics & Institutional Administration from Texas Woman's University in 1994.

Since then Kyle has worked as a Clinical Dietitian and as a Clinical Nutrition Manager at major health care facilities in the Dallas Forth Worth region.

During his time as a Clinical Nutrition Manager Kyle developed and implemented the nutrition program for bariatric surgical patients. Kyle has personally guided over 100 patients through the nutritional changes that accompany weight loss surgery! His motivational counseling skills and his sound research and analysis skills allow Kyle to implement individualized nutritional recommendations that ensure the success of his clients.

Kyle is also the co-owner of Head 2 Toe Nutrition. Located in the Dallas Fort Worth area, Head 2 Toe provides customized nutrition programs, fitness boot camps and other nutrition tools/resources to assist people in getting in the best shape of their life!

To learn more about the companies that Kyle works for you can visit and

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