Financing Lap-Band Surgery
How Will I Pay?

Financing Lap-Band

Deciding on gastric banding surgery is as much a medical decision as it is a financial decision. (Read more on gastric lap-band cost.)

If your insurance won't pay (despite your appeals), or it won't pay in full, or you don't HAVE health insurance...

...gastric lap band financing may be able to help you afford the weight loss surgery you need.

Financing Lap-Band: Get a Loan

There are many companies that offer financing for bariatric surgery.

Here are 4 finance options:

  • Credit Card: In addition to traditional accounts, many credit card companies offer healthcare specific financing programs.
  • Personal Credit Line: Unsecured personal loans that don't require the use of home equity as collateral (Downside: rates will be higher)
  • Home Equity Loan: Access the equity you've built in your home.
  • Mortgage: Get cash out of your home by refinancing your mortgage with new terms.

Shop around for the best interest rates and payment plans.

To find lap-band financing:

  • As your doctor for a referral to a healthcare financing company
  • Find out if your bank offers loans for medical procedures
  • Search the internet for health care loan companies

Enter the term patient financing or healthcare financing or weight loss surgery financing in the search box below to start your research:

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Some of the many companies that offer healthcare financing assistance include:

  • Capital One Healthcare Finance
  • Care Credit
  • Citerra Financial
  • Credit Medical
  • eFinancing Solutions
  • Medloan Finance
  • Reliance Medical Finance

The manufacturer of the Lap-Band® System offers its own financing program too! Visit the website for details:

Financing Lap-Band: Get Organized

Just as I recommend you do when dealing with gastric lap-band insurance, take immaculate notes about your financing options and keep them organized.

Get a notebook you can devote to the financing of your gastric banding surgery. As you compare options, keep track of:

  • Loan terms
  • Interest rates
  • Length of loan
  • Credit limits
  • Specials (ASK about specials! E.g., 6 months same as cash?)

Make a "pros and cons" list for each option and then make the best decision you can.

Don't let financial issues keep you from having your weight loss surgery! Lap band financing may be able to help you afford your surgery!

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