Battle of the Gastric Band

There are two major players in the gastric band field – the Lap-Band and the Realize Band.

2009 predictions from the Editors of Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery say to expect more "battle of the bands" this year. You'll likely hear more about how they contrast and compare.

As may know, one wildly popular type of weight loss surgery involves surgically placing an adjustable band around the upper portion of your stomach in order to reduce how much you eat. (It's kind of like having a belt wrapped around your stomach!)

At one time, the Lap-Band System made by Allergan was the only band available in the US, and the word "lap-band" become synonymous with adjustable band surgery (even though the word Lap-Band is technically a trademarked, brand name).

The Realize Gastric Band is also an adjustable band, but it's made by Johnson and Johnson.

Which is better?

It depends on who you ask!

Of course, each company has an argument to explain why their band is the better choice.

While there are small differences between the bands as well as the website support the two companies offer, the bands produce results in the same way... placing a restriction on your stomach to force you to eat less.

The results you get after having weight loss surgery aren't dependent of which brand of band you get...

...Your results are dependent on YOU and your commitment to a new way of healthy eating and exercise.


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