Gastric Lap-Band Cost

Although it shouldn't be the only criteria, lap-band cost is certainly an important consideration in your decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

Gastric lap-band cost varies state to state and city to city, so it's impossible to predict exactly how much it will cost you. However, gastric banding surgery price can range from $12,000-$25,000!

How much of the total cost you actually pay of course depends on whether your insurance will cover it in full, in part, or at even at all.

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When you're quoted a price, find out exactly what it includes. Does it cover the surgery from start to finish?

Factors affecting the total price include:

  • Pre-op testing:
    • Blood work
    • X-rays
    • Psychological evaluation
    • Nutrition evaluation
  • Hospital charges (Is the surgery done inpatient or outpatient? Is the hospital "in-network?")
  • Cost of medications (pain killers, etc.)
  • Bariatric surgeon's fee (Is doctor "in network?")
  • Anesthesiologist's fee (Is doctor "in network?")
  • Post-op follow-up:
  • Gastric Lap Band Cost Outside the US

    There's an obvious appeal to traveling outside the US to have your surgery done...

    saving $$$$

    While it might appear like a nice vacation and a big savings at first glance, consider the other cost considerations it raises:

    • Will your insurance cover the procedure if it's done outside the US?
    • What are the travel costs (including the time you have to take off from work) associated with having to go to another country for follow-up care?
    • What will happen if the procedure doesn't go as planned? Do you have legal recourse and how much will THAT cost?!

    Quality of Service

    There's no price you can put on it, but don't forget to consider your overall feeling about the bariatric surgery center you're considering and it's office staff.

    • Are they friendly?
    • Do they return your calls in a timely fashion?
    • Do you feel like they have your best interest at heart or do they make you feel like you're just another number in line?

    Some people try to find a bargain when it comes to their surgery. There is more to surgery than the operation.

    Your best value isn't necessarily the cheapest price, but in the overall quality of service you'll receive!

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