Gastric Lap-Band
Kansas City, MO

( Lap-Band Kansas City, KS coming soon....)

Thinking about having lap-band bariatric surgery?

Take the following steps:

  1. Do your homework: Read everything about gastric banding that you can. Learn what it can and can't do for you and gain an understanding of how you'll have to eat for the rest of your life.
  2. Research Lap-Band Surgeons in your area.
  3. Attend a Kansas City Lap-Band Seminar.
  4. Find a good Bariatric Dietitian.
  5. Find Lap-Band Support Groups in your area.
  6. Stock your bookshelf with Must Have Books.

Lap-Band Kansas City Surgeons

If you're looking for a surgeon in the City of Fountains, you want one who has been doing lap-band bariatric surgery for awhile...and doing it quite often! Studies show that the more often a surgeon performs a particular surgery, the better the average outcome.

Search the term "lap-band kansas city surgeons."

Interview multiple lap-band surgeons before deciding who'll you'll entrust your care to! You should feel confident in his/her ability, comfortable with his bedside manner, and certain that you'll be provided the ongoing support and the resources you need in order to be successful.

See this list of questions to ask your potential surgeon.

Get a feel for the office staff as well, since you're likely to be seeing more of them than you will of your surgeon. Do they make you feel cared for...or do they make you feel like a number?

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Lap-Band Kansas City: Seminars

Most bariatric surgeons offer free seminars as an opportunity to meet, answer your questions about gastric band surgery, and to connect you with patients who've already had the surgery.

I do recommend attending these seminars, but I also recommend taking them with a grain of salt!

You'll get some valuable information, but remember that surgeons offer these seminars because they want your business! Attend the seminar with the same mindset you would if someone were trying to sell you something. Shop around and attend a few seminars to see what your options are.

Search for lap-band kansas city seminars now!

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Lap-Band Kansas City: Dietitians

Remember, gastric banding is not magic! It's going to require lifestyle changes and getting the right nutrition in the right (smaller!) proportions.

Surgeons may know surgery, but dietitians know food. Even if your insurance doesn't pay for it or require it, a visit with a dietitian (and even ongoing visits) is important.

Ask your prospective surgeon if a dietitian is involved with the bariatric program and find out how often you'll be able to meet with her/him.

Your ultimate results depend largely upon how committed and motivated you are to following your new diet after surgery.

Having a good dietitian to support you and motivate you might be just what you need to keep you on track or to get you "back on track" when you stray.

Like MY style?! I can work with you! (Meet Me)

I've provided lots of information on bariatric eating here on this website, but if you'd like more personalized recommendations, menu suggestions, and/or ongoing support, simply contact me to set up a phone appointment.

In this day and age with the technology we have, it doesn't really matter that I'm in Tucson, AZ and you're in Kansas City, MO!

I provide:

  • Pre-surgery nutrition assessment
  • Post-surgery nutrition counseling
    • Menu Suggestions
    • Balanced Meal Planning
    • Help with stalled weight loss and/or weight gain
    • Ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability

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Lap-Band Kansas City: Support Groups


Truman Medical Centers Bariatric Program Support Group
Truman Medical Centers Hospital Hill
2301 Holmes
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816-404-2679
Meeting Times: 4 pm for Lap-Band Patients
Contact Person: Stephanie Heinrichs - please call for more information

Support of others who are facing the same challenges and triumphs is an important component in your success.

You may have a supportive partner/spouse and/or family and friends, but nobody knows what you're going though better than another lap-band weight loss surgery patient.

Get connected to a local support group and plan to attend meetings regularly.

If you know of another support group not listed here, contact me and I'll add it to the list.


BLOG online

Surround yourself - virtually that is - with other Kansas City lap-band patients while creating an online diary of your weight loss surgery experience.

If you've never blogged before, know that it's a very easy to do!

Blogging is simply the act of writing about your experiences. (Even if nobody ever read what you wrote, it would be therapeutic!) Having your own lap-band blog would mean having a page on the internet devoted entirely to YOU and your thoughts and feelings. Others could chime in when they wanted.

Having people read and comment on your trials and tribulations provides often needed support and encouragement and the knowledge that you're not alone!

To start your (free) blog, click here.

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Lap-Band Kansas City: Must Have Books

The Gastric Band Companion: 3 Month Food and Exercise Journal, written by bariatric dietitian, Suzette Kroll, RD.

Record keeping is one of the most successful behavioral techniques for weight loss and maintenance. The best way NOT to lose weight is NOT to pay attention!

The Gastric Band Companion is designed specifically for lap-band patients and helps you use your surgery to lose the weight you want by helping monitor diet and exercise.

Read more on why/how to keep a lap band food journal.


A must have for any post Lap-Band surgery kitchen! Stay on track by keeping your taste buds excited!

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Calling All Lap-Band Kansas City Resources

My hope is to provide an all inclusive list of gastric band resources in Kansas City.

If you know of any type of resource I've missed, please contact me so I can add it here.

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