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Thinking about having lap-band surgery?

Take the following steps:

Illinois Lap-Band: Finding a Surgeon

If you're looking for a surgeon in The Prairie State, you want one who has been doing gastric banding for awhile...and doing it quite often!

Studies show that the more often a surgeon performs a particular surgery, the better the average outcome.

Search the term illinois lap-band surgeons:

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Finding the name of a lap-band surgeon is only the beginning. Let the interrogation begin!

Interview Your Potential Surgeon

Ask a prospective surgeon (or his/her office staff):

  • How many surgeries he's performed
  • How long he's been performing the surgery
  • Where he performs the surgery

Ask where you'll be getting your gastric lap-band fills performed, and also what will happen if you move?! Will your surgeon help you find someone to get your fills in a new hometown?

Get a feel for the office staff as well, since you're likely to be seeing more of them than you will of your surgeon. Do they make you feel cared for...or do they make you feel like a number?

Another thing you should do is check out your gastric lap-band surgeon's record. Find information about Illinois surgeons here.

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Gastric Lap-Band Surgery Illinois: Seminars

Now, many surgeons offer free seminars to prospective patients. I do recommend attending these, but I also recommend taking them with a grain of salt!

You'll get some valuable information, but remember that surgeons offer these seminars because they want your business!

Attend the seminar with the same mindset you would if someone were trying to sell you something. Shop around and attend a few seminars to see what your options are.

Try searching the term, seminar lap-band surgery illinois:

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Gastric Lap-Band Surgery Illinois: Dietitians

Remember, gastric banding surgery is not magic! You're going to require lifestyle changes and getting the right nutrition in the right (smaller!) proportions to be successful and healthy.

Surgeons may know surgery, but dietitians/nutritionists know food. Even if your insurance doesn't pay for it or require it, visiting with a bariatric dietitian is important.

Having a good bariatric me...who's familiar with the ins and outs of the diet after gastric band surgery to support you and motivate you might be just what you need to keep you on track or to get you "back on track" when you stray.

I'd be happy to work with you!

I provide:

  • Post-surgery Nutrition Counseling
  • Personalized Menu Suggestions
  • Balanced Meal Planning
  • Help with stalled weight loss and/or weight gain
  • Ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability

However, I'm located in Tucson, AZ and you're in Illinois! That being the case, if you'd like to work with me, it's possible only via telephone and electronic consultations. (Contact me to set up an appointment.)

If you prefer meeting someone in person, I'd suggest meeting with the dietitian associated with your bariatric clinic or interviewing a few dietitians in your area and scheduling a meeting.

See a full list of Lap-Band Surgery Illinois Dietitians here.

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Gastric Lap-Band Surgery Illinois: Support Groups

The Bariatric Surgery Support Group
Victory Memorial Hospital
Sheridan Rd.
Waukegan, IL
Meeting times: Wednesday, once a month
Contact Person: June Zaragosa

Bariatric Buddies
BroMenn Medical Conference Center
Virginia @ Franklin
Normal, IL 61701
Meeting times: 1st Tuesday of each month 7 pm
Contact Person: Karen Heinrich

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Must Have Books

The Gastric Band Companion: 3 Month Food and Exercise Journal, written by a bariatric!!

Record keeping is one of the most successful behavioral techniques for weight loss and maintenance. The best way NOT to lose weight is NOT to pay attention!

The Gastric Band Companion is designed specifically for gastric lap-band patients and helps you use your surgery to lose the weight you want by helping monitor diet and exercise.

Read more on why/how to keep a lap band food journal.


A must have for any post gastric band kitchen! Stay on track by keeping your taste buds excited!

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Calling All Illinois Lap-Band Resources

My hope is to provide an all inclusive list of gastric band resources in Illinois.

If you know of any type of resource I've missed, please contact me so I can add it here.

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