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...where you are. Resources differ city by city, so my job is to help you find gastric band info in your area.

Click on your city/state below to find out about gastric lap-band surgeons, seminars, dietitians, support groups and other important resources in your area.

Why are these resources important? Because weight loss surgery is performed on your stomach...not your head. Old (bad) food habits, negative self talk, emotional eating, and the "desire" to eat are not "cured" by gastric banding surgery.

Therefore, having the proper gastric lap-band info...including support and keep you on track after surgery, are just as important as the surgery itself!

Weight loss isn't as simple as having gastric band surgery and then going about life as usual.

The gastric lap-band procedure is merely the 1st step in your weight loss journey. Bariatric surgery is a useful tool that can be used to initiate the total overhaul of your entire lifestyle...but it's no magic bullet!

Your ultimate outcome (how much you end up weighing!) depends largely upon how committed and motivated you are to following diet and exercise guidelines post-surgery.

So read up on important dietary gastric lap-band information and gather all the resources you can before your surgery. You'll have the greatest chance of being successful if you do so!






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