Vomitting After Lap Band

by Dino
(Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)

I went to an informational meeting tonight and one woman talked about getting something stuck in the stoma and for two days even her own saliva couldn't pass. She was throwing up her own saliva for two whole days!

That freaked me out to hear, as I'm four days away from getting banded. How often does this happen to average banders? If you vomit from something less serious, how long does the bout last?

That meeting was bad. I should've stayed home.

Although the potential complications of lap band surgery are sometimes hard to hear, it's important to go into surgery well informed.

The frequency of food getting stuck in the band is highly variable depending on the person and how and what is eaten. The good news is that it doesn't have to happen.

If you choose the right foods (review lap band diet here), take small enough bites, and chew thoroughly, you shouldn't have problems!

Note for those who may not know: The "stoma" is the term used to describe the narrow passage between the upper and lower portion of the stomach created by gastric banding.

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