2 weeks in

by Joanna

I had my band placed 2 weeks ago. Since then, I have still been on a liquid diet although I have had some scrambled eggs.

I'm finding it really hard as I am so bored with what I'm eating.

Believe it or not, I forgot(!) I had a band and took a mouthful of tuna mayo the way I would have before the op. I spent the next 15mins trying not to vomit - horrible!!

I can go on to mushy food from tomorrow which happens to be my 10th wedding anniversary so I am looking forward to some mashed potatoes. Who knew that would excite me?

I'm still terrified it's all going to have been a waste of money and I'll just be a failure again.

One day at a time....

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Don't give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Work in progress

Don't give up!I know it is hard and at times it seems like you eat the same thing everyday.I had my gastric banding on 10/14/10 and have lost 10 pounds.I feel sometimes like it is going to take FOREVER to lose the weight,but you need to stay positive.I am a stay at home mom and let me tell you,I get so bored.I found getting out,going for walks,even window shopping helps with the boredom. Just remember one day at a time......

2 months in
by: Joanna

This is so hard. I am bored. I am fed up being sick. I never even used to like chocolate and now I'm craving it. Maybe because it's easier and I know it won't make me feel so awful like when I eat a bit of chicken and the pain of it sitting above my band it so breathtaking. I have lost a bit of weight but very slowly and none in the last week.
I am beginning to recognize the symptoms of depression kicking in and I don't know why. :(

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