3 weeks post surgery

by Lori

Hello - I'm Lori. I had my surgery Dec. 30, 2009. I am 43 years old and the Monday before my surgery I weighed 275.5 lbs.

5 days post surgery I weighed 265.0 after clear liquids. I started soft/mushy on day 5 and haven't had any problems other than my blood sugar leveling out to normal and my body freaked out a little!

I have one more week of soft/mushy. I have my first fill on Feb. 8 and am a little nervous about it all.

I absolutely love my doctor and will do whatever he tells me to do. I trust him completely. He and his staff are super supportive. I am very blessed!

My main concern right now is getting to where I don't crave all those foods I shouldn't have. I find myself depressed because I can't eat like I used to...does anyone have any suggestions on how to get over this?

I would appreciate any and all help.


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