Angela's Lap Band Journey

by Angela
(Colorado Springs)

March 2010 St. Thomas 212 lbs

March 2010 St. Thomas 212 lbs

I have never done a blog before so this is more of an experiment in...can I figure this out? I was banded on May 5, 2010 by Dr. Gerald Kirshenbaum in Aurora, Colorado. Before the pre-diet I weighed in at 212 pounds. At my pre-op appointment May 1, 2010 I was 196. This morning May 26th, I weighed in at 184, but that is what I have weighed for the last several days now. I guess I have hit my first plateau??! Uggggghhh! Hate those!

So, I am super excited to have my first fill on June 4th. I am feeling the desire to eat these last few days...not sure I can really call it hunger, but I am wanting to eat. That feeling scares me and I just want it to go away!..FOREVER!!

In fact I think I am hungry now, but I also think I have eaten plenty today so I am trying my best to ignore the feeling. I am looking for others who are going through this journey as well so that we can use each other as a support system.

I know this is going to be more difficult than I had envisioned...I just have to keep motivated. I am a self pay patient. I paid $9,875 all on my credit with the monthly bill coming in, guess that should be motivation enough huh??? LOL

I know in the end it will all be well worth it. With no restriction though...these next few weeks are gonna be rough. I am going Friday to sign up for my gym membership. I think it's time to get moving now. OK, enough for now...tell me about you.

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Finished with all my Pre-ops
by: Dawn

Looking to be banded in Oct.2010. Feel pretty good about my decision and reading blogs like yours makes me feel I've made the right decision. I hear about the problem with reflux quite a bit, and bad gas and diarrhea, and frankly vomiting,and the feeling of having something stuck. Stresses me just thinking about it. Any advice would be welcomed.

P.S. Loved the picture of you and the baby,so sweet!

Gym Gym Gym
by: Golden Lover

I am so proud of you! My surgery was in May 2009. It hasn't been so easy, but at the same time the reward is just great!
I lost 75 pounds and I haven't lose anything in the past few months, but I am still very happy with my progress.
My only problem was that about a month ago I developed this acid reflux problem (severe), but my Doctor removed almost all the liquid and now I am fine.
My best advice for you: EXERCISE!! I go to the gym almost every day. Now I have a personal trainer and I even go to Zumba class. I look "good" in my exercise clothes, so that makes me feel great. That makes a world of difference!!!
Keep going and good luck!!!

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