April's Journey

by April O.

I had Realize band surgery on April 10, 2010. I have lost a total of 60 lbs.

I am very excited about my weight loss so far but I realize that I am sabotaging myself. I love to snack and it is really starting to bother me. I eat at night just for something to do. I hope that with the right tools and information that I can get on the right track and start with a new goal in mind.

Yes I still want to lose 150 lbs, but I want to do it correctly with the band and feel better about myself. So my new goal is to lose but to also feel better and not worry so much about how I might be "breaking" my band.

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by: Shuana

It is amazing to me your success. I am night eater too. Just tell yourself you can do it and no snack is worth that sexy black dress.
Best of luck

by: Tom

April... if you want send me an e-mail... I have some lapband recipes and snack ideas I can e-mail you.

Tom, Toronto
Banded July 6 06

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