Bariatric Baby Book

weight loss surgery scrapbook

Preview some inside pages of The Bariatric Baby Book:

You ARE getting a new chance at life, so here's your official "Re-Birth" Announcement:

bariatric journal

Make a list of all the things you're looking forward to...what you want to wear, how you want get down on the ground to play with the grandchildren....

weight loss surgery journal

Keep track of what was going on and how you felt the day of your surgery. What kind of mood were you in, what you weighed...

bariatric journal

Be sure to take a picture on the day of your surgery. As much as you won't want'll be glad you did months down the road. And don't forget to track important world events that took place on the day of your surgery, the cost of gas that day, etc. After all...this IS a baby book!

bariatric journal 2

Keep track of your "firsts." First liquids, first solids, first time you saw your collar bone....

weight loss surgery journal 2

List all your new favorite things that are possible as a result of your weight loss surgery.

lap band journal

Get the Bariatric Baby Book now. It's a hard cover, 34 page scrapbook for documenting your weight loss surgery journey in a truly unique way!

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