Suzette Kroll, RD
Your Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist Online

I'm excited to be your bariatric surgery nutritionist online!

…I’m glad you’re here!!

Having weight loss surgery is exciting…

…but often overwhelming.

You’re in luck. You don’t have to do this alone. I can help you from the comfort of your own home.

I work remotely via Zoom. Let’s do this together!

Here’s how I can help...

As Your Pre Op
Bariatric Dietitian Online
I Can Provide:

  • A single nutrition evaluation for weight loss surgery clearance
  • Multiple nutrition visits to meet the requirements of your insurance

As Your Post Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist Online I Can Help If:

  • You need a little extra motivation and support
  • No need monthly accountability
  • You’re not sure if you’re “doing it right”
  • You’re feeling lost and don’t know what to eat or how much to eat
  • You’ve hit a plateau 


  • You need a “reset”/jumpstart
  • You’ve regained weight and need to get back on track
  • You feel stuck, unmotivated, or uninspired
  • You’re bored with the same ol’ same ol’ menu options
  • You want to follow Dr Matthew Weiner's Pound of Cure Program

I'm Your Bariatric Dietitian Online:   Let's Meet Via Zoom

I work directly with Dr Weiner’s weight loss surgery program in Tucson Arizona.  And now, through the magic of telemedicine, no matter where you live, I can be your bariatric surgery nutritionist too!

How it Works

  • Contact me to agree on a mutual date and time
  • I'll send you a Zoom link so you can log on at our scheduled date and time
  • Secure payment to confirm
  • Through the magic of the technology, we’ll be able to see and hear each other!

What to Expect in Working with Me
As Your Bariatric Nutritionist Online 

First Initial Visit: 1 hour

In the first visit…YOU do a lot of talking. 

I need to get a good understanding of:

  • Your current lifestyle
  • food preferences
  • patterns of eating
  • grocery shopping 
  • cooking habits (or lack of!)
  • and ALL the factors that affect your food choices 

I promise I will listen wholeheartedly to your unique story!!

Real lasting weight loss requires that you to learn how to eat in the real world and learn to succeed in any situation …

…so I need to know where you’re coming from! This is why the first session is longer than all the others. I need to get to know you!! 

By the end of the visit you’ll have eating guidelines and personalized menu suggestions to get started.

Follow up Visits: 30 minutes

Each visit, we agree on 1-2 nutrition goals that you’ll work on until the subsequent follow up visit with me. 

Together, we focus on changing your habits one at a time.

It’s a lot easier to make small gradual changes then to try to do an overnight overhaul. And gradual changes are usually more sustainable than extreme ones anyways! 

I’ll help you stay focused on what TO EAT not what NOT TO EAT. That’s because it’s easier to improve diet by addition than subtraction.

So let’s get started! You don’t have to do this alone. Even the best athletes need a coach! 

Suzette Kroll, RD: Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Initial Visit, 60 minutes..………………………..………….……..$89

Follow up Bundles                        (Each session is 30 minutes)

  • 3 sessions............………...….…....$135 ($45/session)
  • 6 sessions..………………...........…..$240 ($40/session)
  • 9 sessions ………………………….……..$315 ($35/session)
  • 12 sessions....................…….…..$399 ($33/session)

6 week Pound of Cure Program:  $299 


  • Initial  visit, 1 hour 
  • 5, 30 minute weekly follow up visits

I can’t wait to meet you!

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