Bariatric Vitamins
Start Taking Them Pre Op

Get in the Habit of Taking
Your Bariatric Specific Vitamins

Start taking bariatric vitamins if you're planning to have bariatric surgery.

The months and weeks before your weight loss surgery are the times to focus on doing your best eating…not your worst.

This includes starting to take your vitamins!

The better nourished you are going into weight loss surgery (or any surgery for that matter!), the faster you heal and the lower your risk of infections.

Get in the habit of making healthy food choices and supplementing with bariatric specific vitamins pre-op. This will give you a head start on your healthy, happy new way of life ahead.

Why Start Taking Bariatric Vitamins BEFORE Surgery?

It’s entirely possible to be overweight but undernourished. 

Think about that!!

If you’ve been eating a lot of the WRONG foods…

...meaning processed, packaged, nutrient poor foods, fast foods, junk food, sweets, etc, you haven’t been getting the right nutrients.

If you’ve subscribed to certain food fads…like “avoiding all carbs,”...’ve missed out on the nutrition in healthy foods likes fruits and healthy starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or squash.

You could be vitamin/mineral deficient going into surgery.

And bariatric surgery is only going to compound the problem.

Get in the habit NOW

If you're not a good pill taker or seem to "never remember" to take your vitamins, you'll need to vastly improve those habits!

You'll have lots of new behaviors to get used to after weight loss surgery.

Making your bariatric vitamin regimen a matter of habit in the pre-op period, will free up energy to focus on other important new behaviors post op.

Hair Loss is a Potential Side Effect After Surgery

Getting enough protein after surgery is a key factor in minimizing hair loss. But vitamins play a role too!

A high potency bariatric multivitamin/mineral covers an array of nutrients. Start taking one pre op to make sure you go into surgery in the best nutritional shape possible!

And adding biotin for your hair may help too.

Pre Op Bariatric Vitamin Recommendations

Stock up on your Bariatric Vitamins

As your surgery gets closer, make sure your medicine cabinet is well stocked with supplements you’ll need after surgery too.

Read about Vitamins Post Op 

You'll be experiencing a lot of emotions and lifestyle changes after surgery and remembering to order your vitamins can easily be the first thing to go.

Start Your Bariatric Vitamins 2-4 weeks PreOp

Just Do it!

Pre Op Bariatric Vitamin Recommendations

Get in the habit of taking them!

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