BettyBoo: LapBand Surgery 10/17/09

by Betty

Had lapband surgery Oct 20, 2009 (NeWeigh, Dr. Said Bina, Houston, TX).

Weight before surgery: 269. I have lost 50 lbs.

I was wearing a size 24. Presently in a size 18 ? 20.

I have not had any problems whatsoever. Have not had any problems with any food. My band is just a little over 7cc.

I am able to eat small meals and still enjoy (ex: 1 taco and 1 Tbsp. of brown rice).

I order a child's plate whenever I go out for dinner, which is not often.

I love to cook and try different recipes. Therefore I prepare my lunch and snacks daily for work.

I freeze portion size containers/seal a meal and just pull out of the freezer for dinner after a long day at work or if I do not feel up to cooking.

By doing this, it keeps me away from fast food places.

I attend support groups when applicable.

I'm very happy with the weight that I have lost. Just the right pace.

I have had to completely re-group on my wardrobe (alternations are to expensive).

Found several very NICE re-sale shops in my hometown. (best way to go for now).

Only thing, I need to exercise (not one of my favorite past time).

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You GO!
by: Liz M

That is amazing! Congratulations.

Yeah, the exercise is not fun in the beginning, but once you start and build it into your daily activities you will miss it when you cannot do it because of weather, etc.

I met someone in the support group last week and she was saying someone told her if she just walks one mile a day it will make a tremendous difference and it has. Since talking to her I have been going places to walk so that I can get in exercise.

I had surgery in April but couldn't get my first fill until July (small prob)...and have lost steadily since then. Since walking I can feel things tightening up and shifting. Just try it a little at a time and build up to a mile.

You have done great so far...keep up the great work!

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