Body Fat Model:
A Great Motivator

I never go anywhere without my fat...

...body fat model that is.

In my work as a dietitian, I love to use visuals. I rarely present a lecture or have a consultation without sharing my body fat replicas. Everyone loves to hate them!

A body fat model 

is a great tool to add to your bag of weight loss tricks. Nothing like a blob of fat on the kitchen counter as a blatant reminder that you shouldn't dig into the snack drawer after dinner and undermine the effects of your weight loss surgery.


Each 1 pound blob of fat represents an accumulation of 3,500 calories. 5 pounds therefore represents 17,500 calories that have been consumed, but not burned off.

Need some extra motivation? Keep a body fat replica in plain view in all the rooms in your house you spend a lot of time in. You'll have constant reminders to stick with your lap-band diet.

Keep a glob of fat around as a reminder of why you're doing what you're doing. If nothing else, it's a great conversation piece!

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