Bread After Gastric Band

by Patty Cook
(Fitchburg, MA USA)

Can I eat bread? Some sites say yes others say no.

See the answer to this commonly asked question here.

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Eating bread / carbs
by: Tom

I eat all carbs (bread) in moderation... except rice... it feels strange going down.

My doctor says you should be able to eat all foods in moderation to maintain a balanced diet.

I was banded July 6 06 and have been eating carbs since about week 5... I have some great recipes... I make a lot of my meals in muffin tins... cook them and freeze them... perfect "band size" portions.

I choose whole grain carbs now, pasta, pita bread, etc.

If you would like the recipes and some other band articles, Dr. Oz stuff that I've collected since being banded you can send me an e-mail (

Good luck with your band journey... I LOVE MY BAND!!

Tom, Toronto

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