Celiac disease and the band diet

by Tania
(Chicago, IL)


Can you give me a gluten-free breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestion for my fourth week after surgery?

Now, before surgery, I eat mainly high-fiber, gluten-free foods to keep me feeling full (eg. blackberries, beans, avocado, ground flax & chia seed, buckwheat, almonds, etc).

I am afraid I will not be able to eat these high-fiber foods after the diet and am leary of many supplements because they are not listed as gluten-free. I do not want to be in constant pain after the surgery. Help!


You'll still be able to eat the foods you mention...berries, beans, avocado, ground flax and chia, buckwheat and almonds...only in smaller amounts.

In fact, these whole, unprocessed foods are the best foods you CAN eat. They're bulky (not soft or liquid) so they'll fill your pouch quickly and keep it filled, therefore keeping you full.

Eat slowly, take small bites, and chew each bite thoroughly (20-30 times) and you should be fine as you enjoy smaller portions of the foods you love!!

See the breakfast, lunch, and dinner suggestions here for additional menu ideas. (The majority of the suggestions are gluten free.)

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