Complication after Lap-Band Surgery

by Mel
(Guildford Surrey)

Tummy Pain

I had gastric band surgery and now have an infection around the area. I've been given antibiotics and if it doesn't go away within 7 days I'll have to be admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks. I'm in pain and all bruised and swollen. Wondering if it was such a good idea now....

I'm sorry to hear you're not doing well. However, your story is a good reminder to everyone out there considering weight loss surgery that it doesn't come without certain risks.

Hope you're feeling better soon! Keep us updated on your progress!

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Lap Band Removed
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had my lap band removed yesterday after having it in for 4 years nearly and I am feeling so much better for it already.

I just could not take the pain, discomfort and unpleasantness anymore. I have had really bad pain in my left side on and off since having the band in. I had fluid removed but it was still very uncomfortable.
I used to suffer from indigestion and reflux all the time and would wake up in the middle of the night as if I was going to choke on my own spit. It was so scary at times.

I was told when they removed the band I had slight inflammation around it which could have caused some of the pain so I am just glad that I got it out before it got any worse.

For anyone considering having the band please don't think it's a quick fix. It is not and you still have to diet with it.

Unfortunately for me I found this very hard as my band would hardly tolerate anything, so it resulted in me eating more chocolate, etc. because it was the only sort of stuff that went down without pain.

Please do a lot of research before going ahead with it as it is a costly procedure without any refund if it goes wrong.

It's back to slimming world for me.

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