Considering Lap Band Surgery

by Lesley Garner

Eating Habits

I lost 6 stone on a non food diet: just chemicals and water for 200 days.

The only problem was when I went back to food. I do not eat until about 4 pm, but then tend to pick all night. I also like a bottle of wine in the evening.

I am considering having the band surgery but am worried that because I do not eat large meals that it will not be effective for me. Can you advise?

Gastric lap band surgery helps to reduce calories (and therefore results in weight loss) because it helps reduce portion sizes.

If you're a grazer, and eat small amounts frequently, you'll likely be able to continue doing so after gastric banding.

Also, gastric band surgery only helps reduce portions of solid calories...not liquid ones such as wine. Liquids slip right past the band.

I advise you...gastric band or no establish a regular pattern of eating at scheduled, planned times, beginning when you wake up and continuing every 3-4 hours thereafter.

Under-eating early in the day almost always leads to overeating in the p.m.!

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