Meet Dr Matthew Weiner's
  Pound of Cure Dietitian

Hi there!

I'm Suzette Kroll, RD,
Dr Matthew Weiner's Dietitian (NUT)

If you’ve read A Pound of Cure (POC) by Dr Matthew Weiner, and are looking for help implementing it, you’ve come to the right place!

I can help you!

Whether you’re:

  • PreoOp
  • Post Op

I’ll help you take the concepts you read on the pages of POC and put them to your plate.

I Can Help You Implement Dr Weiner's Program If: 

  • You’re pre bariatric surgery and want to start Pound of Cure ASAP!
  • You’re post op and at least 6 months out of your surgery
  • You’ve read Pound of Cure and aren’t sure where to start
  • You’re been following POC and have gotten off track
  • You know what to do and aren’t doing it
  • You need accountability

High Protein Diet for the Rest of Your Life After Bariatric Surgery...NOT!!!

The most common advice given on a bariatric diet is “Eat your protein first.”

While this IS perfect advice for the first few months or so after weight loss surgery…

 …it’s NOT good advice to follow for the rest of your life after surgery!

The need to follow a lifelong low carb, high protein diet is a myth perpetuated in bariatric circles. But it is completely unfounded and untrue!

Immediately after surgery, malnutrition is a concern... “protein first” is critical since you won’t be able to eat very much. You must prioritize! 

 However, after a handful of months …

…your weight loss slows to a few pounds a month (or less)…

… and the risk of malnutrition is minimal. That’s when it’s time to change gears!

"Produce First" Approach: 

Around 6-12 months after surgery, change from a “protein first” approach to a “produce first” approach

Think about it...

Does it really make sense that you should be eating as much meat as you can instead of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans?

Does it really make sense that you should live on protein shakes and processed, packaged foods like:

  • protein bars
  • high protein pancakes
  • high protein fried pork rinds
  • other high protein snack foods?


Just because a diet helps you lose weight doesn’t mean it helps you achieve optimal health.

Your Next Steps

  1. Read or Re-Read A Pound of Cure by Dr Matthew Weiner
  2. Ditch the idea that you have to live the rest of your life on a high protein, low carb diet
  3. Get on board with notion that you can thrive on vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes after bariatric surgery
  4. Contact me for translating the concepts in the book to what you will actually eat at mealtimes

Lets Meet Via Telemedicine on Zoom!

I work directly with Dr Matthew Weiner’s bariatric program in Tucson Arizona. In fact, I developed his program!

No matter where you live, I can work with you too.

All appointments with me are conducted on Zoom:

  • Contact me to set up a date and time
  • I provide you a Zoom meeting ID number and password
  • I send you a paypal link to secure payment
  • Download the Zoom app if you don’t already have it and login  for your appointment
  • Click where it says “join,” then enter the meeting ID and password 

Through the magic of the technology, we’ll be able to see and hear each other!

Don’t let the learning curve scare you if you’ve never had appointments this way. It’s really very simple once you get the hang of it!

Choose From 2 Options:

One time visit: $75 (usually $150)

6 week Pound of Cure Program: $299 

Includes 6 visits total:

  • Initial Visit, 1 hour
  • 5 weekly follow-up visits, 30 minutes each

So let’s get started implementing the Pound of Cure on your plate!

I’m Dr Matthew Weiner’s personal dietitian. Now consider me your personal Pound of Cure Dietitian too!

 I look forward to meeting you!

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