Eat More to Lose Weight?

Fitness Question:

I've been working out with a personal trainer twice a week for 1 hour sessions. I've found that I have to eat more food in order to complete my workouts...each session burns at least 600 calories and my trainer indicated that the little bit of food I'm having is hindering my weight loss.

It's so great you're working out with a personal trainer!
If you're feeling weak and unable to get through your workouts, it makes perfect sense that you need a little more food. After all, food is fuel for movement!

Your trainer is likely hinting at the fact that when you restrict your calories to an amount less than your resting metabolic rate (also known as metabolism), your body fights back.

You see, when you cut back too much, your body thinks it's starving. So it kicks into conservation mode, hanging on to all those calories and burning them at a slower rate (by lowering your metabolism). This all happens as an attempt to prevent you from starving to death. Read more about weight loss and metabolism on my other website!

Keep up the good work!

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