Eating After a Lap-Band Fill

by Andra Deniet
(Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

I had a fill 5 days ago and I am still unable to get any real food down. I can take a sip of water at a time and leave a few minutes before the next one but as to eating normal no chance. Everything feels as if its stuck and it hurts so I usually bring it up within a few minutes.

It's not as though I don't want to eat. I can hear and feel my stomach grumbling but I just can't get anything down.

Is there too much fluid in my band and should I get some taken out?

It certainly sounds like the lap-band is too tight if you're unable to keep anything down.

When a fill is "just right," the gastric band:

  • is tight enough to reduce the overall amount you eat

  • is loose enough to let you eat solid foods and have them "go down" without difficulty

  • lets you eat enough to get the nutrients you need and not feel hungry between meals

  • lets you gradually lose weight

Call your bariatric surgeon!

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