Emotional Overeating
A-Z list of things to do
when you want to eat

Emotional overeating...

....we all do it.

Instead of beating yourself up over this fact, how about accepting that it's going to happen at some point(s). Establish a plan to help stop emotional overeating in its' tracks (or very soon afterward anyway) by having a list of alternative activities at your fingertips to remind you of all the things you can do to soothe yourself beside eating.

Weight loss surgery works on your stomach, NOT on your head. :(

So don't get mad at yourself if you're still battling the same emotional eating demons weeks, months, or even years after gastric banding. Bariatric surgery can't "cure" emotional overeating, although you may have thought or hoped it would.

Emotional overeating isn't something that needs to be "cured" anyway...

...only "managed."

Below are activities from A-Z that you can do instead of grabbing those chips or cookies when you feel an overwhelming urge to eat. Vow to do three things on the list before you give in to your urge. Who knows...

...after one or two activities the urge may have passed!

A-Z: Things You Can In Place of
Emotional Overeating

art, astronomy, astrology, African dance, aquariums, acting class, archery, antiquing, aerobics, auctions, art collecting, aroma therapy, Angel visits to the hospital for fellow weight loss surgery patients, alphabetize your CDs

become a webmaster, bike ride, ballooning, boating, backgammon, baseball, basketball, basket-weaving, badminton, belly dancing, bird watching, bowling, board games, books

, brush teeth, beach walking, bubble bath, bargain shopping, balance checkbook

cook food for the week and portion into individual containers, crafts, canoeing, camping, cleaning, collecting, comedy, cards, cat, crochet, cook something for an elderly neighbor or single person, call someone you haven't spoken to in a while, condition your hair, crossword puzzle, clean out the fridge, clean your house, clean a closet, chew gum

darts, dance wildly with your headset on, day trips, dream, dogs, decorate, donate, draw, drumming

email, exercise, egg decorating

fundraising, football, fishing, folk dancing, frame pictures, friends, furniture finishing, flower arranging, find inspirational quotes

gardening, golfing, grow herbs, guitar playing, garage sales, gift giving, go to a play, go collecting: flowers, rocks, shells, etc.

hiking, hobbies, helping, herbs, horseback riding, housework, harmonica playing

investing, inventing, ice skating, inspire people

journal, jump rope, jogging, joking, jazz dancing, jewelry making, jigsaw puzzle

kite flying, knitting, kissing, kittens, kick boxing, karate, kayaking,

laugh, learn a new language, local library, listen to music, laundry

make a living online, meditate, matinee movie, make a list of inspirational quotes, mow the lawn

needlepoint, nap

organize a drawer, organize your recipe collection

Plan your meals for the week, piano, pray, paint your nails, play an online game, pretend you're a robot (just want to make sure you're still there...)

quick walk around the block

run up and down stairs, read the local paper, rent a video, rake leaves, research healthy recipes

scrapbook your weight loss journey, swim, stroll, stretch, shower, surf/search the internet, sign up for a new class, sewing, scrapbook, start a flower garden or herb garden, start your holiday list, shovel snow

turn your hobbie into an income stream, try something new: e.g., a new exercise video, tae bo, take your camera and go for a walk -- take pictures of the sky, flowers, people, etc.,

uplifting quotes, upgrade your computer

vacuum, volunteer, vent your frustrations in a journal or an online chat

write your own website, wash your hair, wash your car, wash your dog, write a letter, write a poem, walk in the park, watch a movie, watch TV, window shop

xerox menus for the week


zoo, ziplock and store frozen meals for the week

Keep reminding yourself that recovery from emotional overeating

is a process. Go easy on yourself and forgive yourself if you have a slip.

Have ideas of your own you'd like to see added to this list? Email me your ideas!

Fall down 10 times, get up 11.

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