Fat Girl Freedom

by Tracie
(Kentucky USA )

To break the surface, I’m a sophomore in college pursing a degree in Communication Disorders for Speech Language Pathology. I’m also 20 years old.

I have three dogs and drive a 06 Hyundai Sonata. I’m a store manager of a large retail store which will remain nameless because they don’t need any more glorification.

I guess I’m just like any other girl, well, almost. You see, the reason for this blog isn’t necessarily to bitch about my life or stand up for world peace; I’m simply here to tell you about my journey through a surgery-- a lap-band surgery.

You might be reading this thinking “Awe hell, it’s another fat girl blog about how she doesn’t like her diet when she shouldn’t have been shoveling Oreos in her mouth in the first place.”

Well, you’re right. I may not like what I’m being told to eat because I’ve been uncontrollably mislead into eating for the last 20 years and you’ll probably hear about it from time to time.

But before you close the page because you think this doesn’t have anything relate-able to your life in it, give me a chance.

You may not need invasive surgery to correct your eating habits and save your life, but I assure if you get nothing else out of reading about this journey, you’ll be easily amused at the expense of a fat kid.

Rest assured though, nothing you say is original. I’ve heard it all before and probably will until I’m down to my goal weight.

With that said, to anyone who is reading this as a fellow fat kid, I hope you take away a lesson from my story. If anything, just learn to eat right so you don’t end up in my position. With that said, welcome to my life folks. Here we go...

Day One of the rest of my life. This past weekend I went to what my bariatric center calls 'Education'. I was there from 7am to 1pm.

I got enough "education" equivalent to a semester of college. I had blood drawn, after fasting after 12am on Thursday. Then given crackers and water for an entire day.

Now, I dunno about you all but don't you think a bariatric center would have a little more sense than to tell a room full of overweight, morbidly obese women and men that they can't eat or drink anything, then tell us we're gonna be there for an entire morning and give us crackers?! Oh, the irony.

My consultation consisted of having blood drawn, meeting with someone about insurance- which by the way I am not approved for this surgery through my insurance company, my mother has graciously and painfully agreed to pay this surgery entirely out of pocket. I also met with a nurse practitioner, a dietitian and a psychologist.

Whew, well, what I got out of it was pretty much that I'm overweight and eat enough food for an army, literally.

I'm 5'9" and have a BMI of 40. Pathetic, I know. I went down my medical history and then told the dietitian what I eat daily. I knew I was eating way too much, but it looks awful on paper. So, we started my diet.

Basically the run down was that carbs make my liver swell, and they can't do the surgery if I have a swollen liver, so I have to cut down carbs by about 90%. I also can't drink with meals. Drinking with meals is something I've been doing my entire life, so to take this staple away from me was like losing a limb. I can have milk, juice and things like Gatorade but no more carbonated soft drinks.

I'm basically on the south beach diet until my surgery, then, I start putting food back into my life one day at a time.

Now, since I knew this was my last weekend of being miserably overweight, I had my final hoorah of Panera and tacos and soft drinks galore. Today was the first day of my diet, and I have to say, it's not torture.

Fruit is actually pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. I'll find out in the next week if I'm really ready to do this, which I think I am. It's like starting over in a new place, it's gonna change my life one day at a time. I can't wait to see what happens.

Starting Weight: 272.2lbs.

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Same Boat
by: Shauna

I read it all girl. I feel like we are fat sisters!! ha ha I am a college girl over weight who had the surgery 6 days ago and some days I love it and others I just want a taco and a coke. Please keep posting so I can follow your story

Love the process

Fat Girl Freedom
by: Karen

I read your whole story and I hope you keep posting here so I can follow your story. I will be going to a seminar next week which was the first one I could find and can't wait to get started on my journey. I think my insurance is going to pay but if not my mom is coming along with me to the seminar and I'm hoping she will help out on what the insurance won't.

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