First Lap Band Adjustment

by Elena
(New York, NY)

Hello, I just had my first lap band adjustment today, 6 weeks post surgery. Please let me know what you feel after an adjustment. Is it OK to feel hungry or is something wrong with my adjustment?

There is definitely some trial and error involved with your first lap-band fills.

You and your bariatric surgeon will go through what I call a "Goldilocks" period, where you'll add fluid and the band will be too tight and you'll remove fluid and it's too loose. You'll eventually uncover the "sweet spot" where you determine how many cc's of fluid (saline) make it "just right."

It may take a couple of adjustments to find that "just right" or "sweet spot."

I'd give it a few more days if you just had the lap band adjustment today. It's too soon to jump to a conclusion in one day. However, if you continue to feel (physically) hungry between meals over the next week, you may need to go back for another adjustment.

When a lap band fill (lap band adjustment) is "just right," the gastric band:

  • is tight enough to reduce the overall amount you eat

  • is loose enough to let you eat solid foods and have them "go down" without difficulty

  • lets you eat enough to get the nutrients you need and not feel hungry between meals

  • lets you gradually lose weight

Keep us updated!

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