Follow up to 9 days post-op now 3 weeks post-op

by C

Ok, yesterday was three weeks post-op and I have developed an infection at my port incision site. The doc says it's superficial which is good news.

The odd thing is that although I thought it was infected for about a week, I could see pus, but I had no major redness, no fevers and no foul smell which are most of the signs and symptoms of an infection. I have been unusually fatigued and pale though.

The only thing was that it really started to hurt with even the slightest of pressure. I have done everything right. I've kept it very clean and dry didn't use peroxide or neosporin or anything I wasn't supposed to, and it still became infected.

I know that these things happen. I work in a hospital after all surrounded by an office full of RN's.

I just feel kind of defeated. This will set me back on my first fill until it's completely healed maybe by about 2 or three weeks. I was told I could start slow with solids but I'm afraid of gaining back the 14 lbs I've lost.

I know I need to heal which is the most important thing. If the port becomes infected I'll have to have it removed and I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN.

I will keep on with the treatment, packing the area with gauze three times a day under sterile conditions and hope for quick healing.

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