Foods to Eat While Camping/Hiking

My husband and I do a lot of camping and hiking, and I've been told granola bars, protein bars, dried fruit, dried meat, and other similar "camping foods" are no longer allowed.

Can you please provide me with some alternative foods for this type of activity? I need something that's going to provide some nutrition, and not have to be refrigerated.

Thank you!

In my experience, there is quite a range of what you can and can't eat after lap band surgery, and no absolutes.

Depending on how long ago you had your surgery, you may be able to tolerate most of the foods on your current list.

If not, here are some suggestions:

Hope that helps! Glad to hear you're active! Keep up the good work.

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by: Erin

Thanks very much for your reply; it's very, very helpful. I'm only two weeks post-surgery, so I'll talk to my surgeon about those other foods and when he thinks I can try them at my 6 week check up. Thanks again!!!

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