Fran PLB(Post Lap Band)

by Fran

Here it is August 2009...5 months and over 40lbs PLB(post lap band).

What a learning process,chew,chew,chew.
Some meats just aren't going to make it down.
I miss chicken,but even dark meat is a challenge.

Why can my mom who doesn't know I had the surgery see the weight loss, but would surely notice any tiny weight gain.

Down 4 sizes and she doesn't say a word - thus one of the reasons I got huge in the first place!!!

Would do the surgery again in a heartbeat,well worth it.

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Keep the faith
by: Anonymous

Wow Fran down 4 sizes? That's excellent. You are well on your way to a healthier you! Remember that's the goal with our bands!

P.S. Sometimes Mom's only see the worst because they want the best for their kids. Being critical is the only way they know.

We are all pulling for you.


by: Liz

WOW Fran~
Excellent job! That is fabulous~ Don't pay attention to others...just take care of yourself,as you are all that really matters.
YOU GO FRAN! Keep up the great work.

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