Free Grocery Shopping List
For Bariatric Surgery

This free grocery shopping list is full of everything you need for wholesome eating after bariatric surgery. It can be used with gastric lap band, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass in the solid food stage.

For a free online grocery list suitable for general healthy eating click here.

I've provided you a master grocery list so you know which foods are good to eat... I've suggested name brands that get my bariatric dietitian stamp of approval!

free grocery shopping list

How to Use This Healthy Shopping List

Master Grocery List Tips

Create a healthy grocery list of "core" items every week that includes:

  • 2-4 different lean protein sources
  • 2-5 different colorful fruits
  • 2-5 different colorful vegetables
  • At least 1 healthy fat source
  • 2-4 different healthy starches (if you tolerate them)

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