Gaining Weight After
First LapBand Fill

I have recently had a fill, so now I have 7.25ml in my gastric band.

They didn't want to fill because I haven't been eating properly. They put .25ml in but I seem to be gaining weight.

I have started to eat breakfast and now dinner, where as before I would just drink tea. I am trying to stop smoking at the same time.

Could you help?

You are undertaking two ginormous tasks at the same time...losing weight and quitting smoking!

First off, you can expect a slight decrease in metabolism when you stop smoking. So even if you ate the exact same thing as you did before you stopped smoking, you could expect a little weight gain. It's ok though, because the benefits of not smoking far outweigh a little weight gain.

If you've been starving yourself by only drinking tea, you may have further lowered your metabolism.

The good news is that metabolism can be restored. You need to make sure you eat enough (no less than 1200 calories) and eat regularly (every 3-4 hours).

I'd suggest keeping a food journal for starters. That way you have a clear picture of the balance of your nutrients as well as your total calorie intake.

See the sample menu suggestions here for a better idea of what meals should consist of.

The gastric band food pyramid will also help you see what you should be eating over the course of a day to make sure you get your necessary nutrition.

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