Getting Back on Track

by Ginger
(Kansas City)

I had lap band surgery about 2 years ago, so far I have lost about 50 lbs. However over the past year I have fallen off and have gained some of the weight back,

It became easier to eat out, to not concentrate on eating slow, etc. I had so much going on in my life; looking for a job, going back to school, issues with children, etc. I simply forgot about concentrating on myself and just gave up and went off the deep end, eating cake, cookies. Not all the time, just whenever it was around or I needed an emotional boost.

Well, now I've seen what it has done to me, and I want to get back on track. So here I go. I am starting over effective NOW!

I need all the help and encouragement I can get, so I have made an appointment with my surgeon, I go Tuesday, 2 days. I have my kitchen stocked with good, healthy food. The only problem I have, is getting back to eating properly, slowing down, small bites.

My one issue I have is I still have food get stuck, I know, it's because the bite is too big, so then I have to drink something to force it down. I need to concentrate again on how I am eating and how much I am eating. I know all this, it's just doing it.

So today for breakfast, I have had 1/2 a bagel with a little cream cheese, will eat 1/2 a banana in a few minutes. For lunch will probably have some sliced turkey and cheese with some cherries.

It's just I eat the right things, I just eat too much. But when I get an adjustment, all it does it make it more difficult for me to swallow because the food gets stuck.

Any suggestions on how to get into the habit of eating small pieces would be appreciated. I have eaten off a smaller plate (actually a saucer) for the past 2 years. Anyone that is in the same situation as me, please let me know how you are doing! Would love to discuss ideas, tips, etc.

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by: Anonymous

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Getting Back on track NEW
by: Anonymous

I, too, had surgery 2 1/2 years ago. I lost 65 lbs in the first 6 months, stayed the same for a year, and then gained about 25 lbs this year. not happy at all. I decided to "start over". I am going to go on a liquid, high protein (shakes) diet for a week to try to get myself back into planning, protein, etc. then start my post-op diet again. (High protein, low carb) I know I am eating way more carbs now than I did those first 6 months. I eat until I am over-full sometimes, and even think I am somewhat bulimic at times now, making myself then vomit because I am over-full. I know my band was too tight for a while. I had fills and unfills. I know I don't exercise enough. why do we know all this stuff and still not do what is best for ourselves??

I also lost my enthusiasm NEW
by: Anonymous

I lost 60# after my surgery but have gained 40+ back now. I also wish I didn't have to eat. I don't enjoy food but so I go for quick stuff. I still eat small portions but excuse after excuses. I want to desperately get back on track. Funny I enjoyed how I felt being able to get into smaller clothes etc. So what happen I don't know. Now I'm just embarrassed and frustrated with myself. Only thing to do is get back on track. It's a mind thing, I just have to do it. With or without any support from family and friends.

Hang in there NEW
by: kathykay

I, too had gotten off track, had some car trouble and couldn't get back to the doctor that performed my surgery, so I found some one close to where I live, and I have managed to lose 46 pounds since September of last year. Hang in there girls, you can do it...I have faith in you

I've fallen off the wagon as well NEW
by: Anonymous

I just can't seem to get back, not sure why, I hate how I feel, look and really not in the mood to eat but then I get really hungry and eat the wrong things. I still walk, do some other exercises but gained about 20+ lbs back.
I wish I didn't have to eat, I don't enjoy fixing food, hate shopping for food. I'm frustrated now.

getting back on track NEW
by: Anonymous

I lost 64 pounds after my lap band surgery but have gained almost 20 back. Bad habits can slip back in so easily and when money is very tight it seems easier to load up on cheap carbs than to carefully plan balanced meals. Came to this site hoping to get some motivation. thanks and good luck to everyone.

look for suggestions NEW
by: feeling down

I had my surgery 5 years ago and lost 20kgs but now I have managed to put back on 10kgs. It's not so much that I am hungry I just eat because I am bored or upset....added to the fact that I am going thru memopose it is so hard to get back on track. Before u know it your back to the bad habbits you had before....... I need to focus somehow on getting back on track......looking for suggestions.

This is not easy!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago tomorrow....I have lost about 17 lbs so far....I attribute that to my doctors being very strict. I guess you have to be able to accept what they say to do and do it. My doctors have a 6 month schedule for me to follow, and granted, I have cheated some and found I can eat more than I should but I constanly weigh myself & get back on the wagon everyday. I'm not supposed to eat anything but protein for the first 8 that point they introduce 1 non starchy vegetable daily for the next 4 weeks....then a fruit and so on. I know this is a diet aid and I have to do my part. I get my first fill in another week, so am looking forward to maybe eating less at that point. (I too have been starving and listening to my stomach growel) I just figure I had to jump through hoops to get this surgery, so I want it to work and am tired of being overweight. I didn't do this to get skinny, just feel better, get off some meds, go to my granddaughter's wedding in another 10 years, be able to walk & shop without huffing and puffing, etc. I like to read all the blogs to see if I can pick up any hints to use. Good luck to all of us and keep on plugging!!

by: kathy

I too find my self in the same predicament. It would be nice if some of the local hospital offered a six week class or something like that to help up refocus..

by: kathy

I too find my self in the same predicament. It would be nice if some of the local hospital offered a six week class or something like that to help up refocus..

by: Mary Ellen


Banded July 2010...50 down, gained back a few...50 must be the MAGIC NUMBER - for some of us...

I'm in the same situation NEW
by: Cindy

I too was banded in Feb 2011 and lost about 50 and gained back 20. The band doesn't help with stress and old habits are hard to break. I am also going to make a plan. I actually am going to try Weight Watchers with my daughter and use the summer to re-energize my workout habit. I think it's a matter of going back to soft foods and liquid for one meal and for me eliminating starches altogether. Good Luck! I hope to see and hear what you decide to do and it works.

Getting back on track
by: Xenie135

Good Luck to all who are getting back on track! I bought a new digital scale and I hate it (too accurate!). Since my surgery in March 2010 I have lost 60 pounds but gained back 7 over the summer. I have not been paying attention to all food choices and have enjoyed chips,margaritas, wine, guacomole, drinking water with meals helping to push food..etc..

Today I begin again and have printed out a food journal and made a healthy grocery list from recipes I will prepare. I love my has allowed me to get 1/2 way to my goal...but now I need to help myself get the rest of the way! Off to drink a protein shake before my trip to the grocery I won't impulse buy! How are you doing??

by: Anonymous

I hear ya ladies....

I was banded in July 2010. Lost 50, but I know / feel I gained over holidays. :(

I think the worst part about it, is....while I know it is a TOOL for weight loss....You go through all that surgery, and you think it's gonna be a "slam dunk" ! It aint!

Good Luck to you all!!!!!

Keep on plugging!
by: Rosielle

Congratulations on making the decision to get back on track! I understand how you feel and I, too, am getting back on track as of today:) My surgery was almost a year ago, and I have lost 60 lbs, since then (100 lbs. total.) In November, though, I unexpectedly ended up in the emergency room....dehydrated and the doctor removed all but 2 cc of the saline in my band. Since then I have gained back 20 lbs.....DISGUSTING!!!! I really felt helpless because I realized that I am not very successful without the Realize Band as a tool. So, I have scheduled an appointment to have a fill on January 7, and I am beginning again TODAY to eat the right things MINDFULLY, slowly and in the right amounts. Keep on plugging, and I will too!!! Here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year:)

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