Help with Lap-Band Diet Progression

by Donna

I am 6 days post op, and seeing my doctor tomorrow. I can hardly look at broth or jello at this point, and while I know he will add in full liquids tomorrow, I am hungry.

Also, I can't stomach cottage cheese or yogurt...(the texture makes me gag) so I am wondering if there is something else out there for me. I bought different yogurts to try, but I am not hopeful.

What about Quinoa that is cooked in chicken broth? I would appreciate any suggestions.


Any of the following foods are appropriate for the full liquid diet:

Protein shakes
Skim/fat free milk
Broth (stir in a little unflavored protein powder)
Cream of wheat or cream of rice cereal (sprinkle in a little protein powder)
Reduced fat cream soups
Blenderized bean soups (such as lentil or split pea)

If you don't like the texture of yogurt, you could blend it with frozen fruit to make a shake (or freeze to make "popsicles."

You may tolerate the texture of (nonfat) Greek yogurt a little better. It's thicker/creamier than regular yogurt.

Regarding the quinoa cooked in chicken broth...if you mash it well enough it may work.

Be sure to review the full description of diet progression after lap band surgery.

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