How many ounces total in the band?

by Jerit
(Montrose, Michigan, US)

How many ounces in a lap band is the average for the optimal amount in the band? I have now had 4 fills and have a total of 5 ounces in my band. How will I know when I have just the right amount for the most weight loss?

Unfortunately there's no exact answer to your question. First of all, there are different sized bands. In addition, the same size band will fit differently on each individual person due to differences in anatomy. Finding the right amount of fill for YOU is a matter of trial and error. It's not unusual to require multiple fills to determine the correct amount.

When a fill is "just right," the gastric band:

  • is tight enough to reduce the overall amount you eat

  • is loose enough to let you eat solid foods and have them "go down" without difficulty

  • lets you eat enough to get the nutrients you need and not feel hungry between meals

  • lets you gradually lose weight

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