How to Stop Sugar Cravings?!

by Cindy Jones
(Culpeper, VA)

Sugar Blues - what's that??

I have been obese 51 years. After having lap band surgery over 2 years ago I have lost over 100 pounds.

I exercise regularly and up until the last 6 months was doing well on my diet (at least for the most part).

However, now I battle my craving for ice cream and/or chocolate. It is uncontrollable - what can I do? NOTHING SEEMS TO RESOLVE THIS MADDENING DESIRE. Please help. Thanks

The best approach is to MANAGE the desire vs. hoping/wishing it will go away.

When the ugly sugar craving monster raises its ugly head, you need to have a plan of what you can eat a small amount of to satisfy the monster! Eating slowly and mindfully will help you feel satisfied with a small portion.

There are some dessert recipes in the recipe section here.

You can also try one of my top 10 foods to satisfy a sugar craving.

And finally, read my suggestions on how to try to prevent (or at least minimize) cravings here.

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