Hunger after Stomach Banding

by Evelyn

I had my lap band surgery two months ago. I've had three fills since. For some odd reason I don't have any restriction.

Today, I had my third fill. I'm on the liquid diet and it feels like I'm starving myself. What should I do??

It's not unusual to have a few fills before you figure out the "sweet spot."

In the meantime, make sure you're having a protein source with all meals and snacks. Protein slows stomach emptying and will help you feel full.

Once you progress to a regular diet, make sure to choose solid foods over liquid or soft, mushy foods. See more on "solids" vs. "mushies."

In addition, you can follow the lap band food pyramid guidelines and simply follow the appropriate portion sizes until you find the amount of fill that is necessary to help you feel full.

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