Hungry After Lap Band (???!!!)

It's my 3rd week and I am still supposed to be on the full liquid diet.

I am feeling intense hunger and therefore eating solid food here and there. I have encountered no problems with this as in upset stomach or dumping, etc.

BUT now I am finding myself feeling hungry again in the later parts of the evening-- and I am snacking. I'm nervous that the weight I have already lost will fly back on because of this.

If I am getting full when I eat my meals - why would I be hungry again later on?

I have also started to excersie more regularly but I am still nervous. I hope that since I am working on a combo of soup / full liquid and some real food - that maybe my body needs to adjust???

I hope that when I begin to eat normal again in another week, I should be okay? I am scared to undo anything good that has happened.

Please Help.

It's ok to eat when you feel hungry, but you need to be SMART about what you choose to eat!

If you're snacking on junk, then you certainly increase your chances of taking in too many calories and therefore slowing weight loss or even worse..gaining some back.

It's important to eat balanced meals that include a little protein when you feel hungry. Protein delays stomach emptying and will help you full full for longer periods of time.

Solid type foods ("bulky" foods) fill the pouch for a longer period of time than the soup/full liquid foods. See more info here on solids vs. mushies. Once you're back to solid foods, your meals will probably hold you longer!

Review the information here about how to address frequent hunger.

Note: Dumping syndrome is not a side effect of lap-band surgery as it is with gastric bypass surgery.

Keep us updated! Start a blog here so we can follow your progress and support your weight loss journey!

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