Husband and Wife Lap Band

by Jen
(West Monroe, LA)

My hubby and I did lap band weight loss surgery together.

Today is 4th day after lap band surgery and I feel like we have just been tossed out into the world with no instructions.

We were given a sheet of instructions with very generic answers.

We were told 2-3 days of thin clear we did that...we actually we did it for 2 days and most of the 3rd then we had very soupy mashed potatoes for dinner.

Our sheet said that we could have things like grits, malt o meal, oatmeal and things with that consistency. So does that mean what we can eat anything that is already like that, or if we puree it to that consistency, or should we just stick to grits and oatmeal?

We both went back to work today. We had grits for breakfast and tomato soup for lunch. When we got home we pureed tuna and and only had 1/4 cup of it.

I feel fine but there are sooo many conflicting stories of what to do and what not to do. I just need some sort of ideas. Are we doing this right?

Is it ok to eat anything as long as it has the consistency of applesauce and not too much?

We both stop eating when we feel full. We measure out 1/4 cup of food and that does I know we are not over eating. Just want to make sure that we are eating right.

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Thanks doc!
by: Anonymous

I dont see another doctor rushing in to help someone to often. I am glad I have the continued assistance in the program I picked. But it is nice to know this web sight is here to remind me....this band will only be the first step on my path. Thanks again.

Diet Progression After Surgery
by: Suzette Kroll, RD

Your story is a good reminder to all those reading that it's SOOO important to ask questions prior to having weight loss surgery about the dietary support you will (or won't!) be provided after surgery.

Choose a program that has good after care. SO much of your success depends on having the proper information and support in the weeks, months, and years after surgery.

Your experience is all too common, and that's the reason I started this website!

I've heard one too many stories just like yours in which patients have the surgery and are then discharged with minimal, vague guidelines. It saddens and infuriates me!

Everything you need to know about lap-band diet is here.

Start with the diet progression after surgery here

Please keep us updated!

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