I Can Eat as Much as I Did Before WLS

by Ronnetta

Is it normal to take in regular quantities of food after lap band surgery? I just had the surgery a week ago and I can still eat as much as before.

I don't have my first fill for a few weeks. I know that it will change then but I wondering about right now. I'm not over eating but I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference in the amount I can eat. Thanks

Things will definitely change after your first fill. What you're experiencing isn't usually typical, but it's also not unheard of.

Hang tight for your fill!

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Same question
by: Liz

I had the same situation and when I had my first fill it didn't change much. After the second fill, eating really slowed down and then after the 3rd fill, well, it was VERY slow for a long time.

It is just beginning to loosen up now. I am already about 60 + pounds down at about 6 - 7 months out. It will be worth it. Just give it a little time. Good luck!

Four Months post surgery
by: Khill

I am four months out from my lap-band surgery and have had 7 fills. I am hoping that this last one is the "Green Zone" one. I have lost about 14 lbs and am exercising five days a week at Curves. I am really hoping this will get me where I need to be! So anxious to get the weight off. Have about 70 lbs to lose.

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