by Tom
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I was banded July 6 2006.

I lost 122 lbs with band in just under 14 months.

On September 26, 2008 I had an extended tummy tuck (from hip to hip) the incision almost touches in the back. I had 14 lbs of skin removed and got a new belly button hole.

On August 20, 2009 I had 4 lbs of skin removed from my chest area (left over from my "manboobies") and had my nipples put back to where they should be.

I started with a 54" waist and am now able to wear a size 32" Slim Fit Levi jeans comfortably and I now wear t-shirts.

The best part about getting the band besides the weight loss... I have not had ANY acid reflux since the day after getting my lap band. I used to take a prescription for my acid reflux and lived on Tums. I have saved a lot of $$$ not buying Tums !!

I had tried may other weight loss methods and they did work but I gained the weight back and more.

The lap band is a great tool. You still have to work with the band but the end results are wonderful.

I find maintaining my weight with the band VERY easy. While I was losing I only got weighed and measured once a month by my family doctor. Even though I'm at goal I still continue to get weighed and measured on a monthly basis by my family doctor. I find this keeps me on track. I've stayed within a 3 lbs range of my goal weight. My BMI is perfect.

I also find planning my meals has also kept me on track and I still try not to eat dinner after 7:00 p.m. Sometimes I still have a snack in the last evenings but it's now a healthy snack.

I have no regrets about getting the band and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I was self pay and it was worth every penny.

My before picture was taken one week after I got my band and I had already lost 17 lbs my first week.

For me support from fellow bandsters was also beneficial in my success. I still meet with a group of bandsters on a monthly basis for coffee.

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What did I eat
by: Tom

Hi Anonymous

While I was losing I ate regular food... however I did "diet"... i hate that word.

My main source of protein is turkey, chicken, eggs... and red meat, beef or pork twice a week. I do eat carbs (in moderation) and veggies. I've never been a veggie eater. I eat mainly raw veggies and homemade dip I make.

I plan my meals...I cook on a Sunday for one to weeks a head of time. I portion everything in "bandster" size portion. For instance I make Shepherds Pie in medium size muffin tin and freeze them. Prefect size portion. I also make Wendy's chili and freeze in containers... again in a portion I know that I can have.

I love the and because while I was losing I never felt like I was missing out on anything.

I find maintenance with the band very easy. I still get weighed and measured once a month by my family doctor. Keeps me on track and motivated.

Tom, Toronto
Banded July 6 06
Wt. Loss: 140 lbs

1 wk post-op
by: Louise

WOW! Thanks for a beautiful testimonial.

by: Anonymous

Great job....What did you eat?

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