If I have stretched my stomach pouch can I shrink it again?

by Mel

I have had a bad week of mindless eating because of my depression and I am worried I have done irreversible damage to my stomach.

I have had the lap band in for 11 months now and I have lost 60kgs so I am happy with that. However, I seem to go in cycles where I do not eat much and then I want to eat everything.

You should be able to reduce the size of your pouch after getting back "on track" for a few days.

Knowing that you alternate cycles of good eating with mindless eating/overeating, you can plan in advance what you will do next time you "get off track."

Keeping a food diary always helps. See free food diary forms here or the lap band food journal here.

Weighing regularly helps too. Check out this awesome bathroom scale that never shows your weight...only your trends.

And of course, taking extra care to stock your house with the right foods is smart. You'll eat what's in the house, so if you bring "junk" in, you'll inevitably eat it!

See my list of 100 calorie snacks for ideas of what to eat when you get into snacking mode, but want to minimize the "damage."

Don't let one bad week turn into 2 bad weeks or 3 bad weeks. Draw a line in the sand and get back on track today. You can do it!!

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