I'm hopeless

by Sherry Baker

I had my lapband surgery over a year ago. In the beginning I wasn't hungry at all & lost over 35 pounds. And then that was it. No more weight loss.

I've had 4 fills and I'm scheduled for another tomorrow morning. I'm wondering if I should ask my doctor for an x-ray to see it the band is still in place. I can't believe I went through all this and still can't lose weight. I feel hopeless.

It's not uncommon for hunger to return and to be able to eat larger portions as time goes on after lap band surgery.

Eating at regular, planned meal times ONLY and following the suggested portions in the lap band food pyramid should help. (See sample menu suggestions at the bottom of the page here.)

You can do this. Plan your meals in advance, and stick to your plan. Use small dishes and eat slowly and mindfully. Start a food journal to determine exactly what may be undermining your weight loss efforts.

Keep at it...don't give up!

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