I'm Lost on What to Eat After Lap-Band Surgery...Help!

by Chad

I just had Lap Band surgery 4 weeks ago and I am lost on what I can eat and what I can't eat. I have lost 35 lbs since my surgery, but now when I eat, I am just lost.


Thanks for writing and congrats on your weight loss surgery and your weight loss to date!
You have likely progressed to the pureed or soft food stage (or possibly the solid food stage) by now if it's been 4 weeks since your Lap-Band surgery. Regardless of which stage you're in, you should try to eat a source of protein at every meal.

If you're still on soft foods, you might choose cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, scrambled eggs or refried beans. If you're already on to solids, you might choose moist cooked chicken or turkey, or fish or lowfat cheese.

Add 1 other food group to that protein (fruit, vegetable, or starchy food you can tolerate).
-cottage cheese + applesauce
-refried beans and melted cheese rolled in a small corn tortilla
-chicken + cooked green beans

Get the idea?

See more about what to eat, and see more Lap-Band sample menu suggestions.

Keep us updated!

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