I'm never hungry after gastric lap band surgery

I had the Realize gastric band placed on January 14. Is it normal with Lap-Band or the Realize band to not feel hungry?

It's been 5 months since surgery and I've had four fills. Sometimes I eat because I know I have to get the nutrition in, not because I'm truly hungry. Is that normal?

It's not unusual to lose your appetite after gastric band surgery.

You are, however, correct in thinking you need to eat to "get the nutrition in." Even though you don't feel hungry, your body still needs essential nutrients to function properly and keep you healthy!

In fact, new data presented this week (June 10, 2009) at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in Washington DC. suggests that persons who undergo bariatric surgery may have a greater chance of experiencing broken bones, especially in their hands and feet.

Doctors from the Mayo clinic looked at 97 patients from the past 20 years who have had bariatric surgery. They found that 21 of these patients had suffered a total of 31 fractures. Most fractures occurred an average of 7 years after surgery, with the primary locations being in the hands and feet. Other sites of fractures were the hip, spine and upper arm.

Inadequate calcium intake and poor vitamin D status are significant factors in the ability to maintain bone health after bariatric surgery.

The ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) recommends 1500mg calcium and 400-800 IU vitamin D per day after adjustable gastric band surgery. (There is a lot of data indicating that vitamin D deficiency is very common both before and after surgery, and that many patients require higher doses of D3 based on their lab findings. If you have not had your vitamin D levels tested, ask your doctor!)

Even if you have the most stellar diet, it may be hard to get these amounts from food alone, so you may need to take bariatric supplements!

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