LAP-BAND® Bariatric Surgery Right For You?
What Gastric Band Surgery Can and Can't Do

LAP-BAND® Bariatric Surgery: What it CAN Do

Gastric band surgery is a tool that can help you lose weight.

The stomach band works because it reduces how much food you can eat at one time. Less food = less calories = weight loss.

It's kind of like having a "food police" surgically implanted to tell you when to stop eating. If you eat too much, you get negative feedback ...vomiting. YUCK. That'll teach you not to overeat again...hopefully.

Any type of weight loss surgery, including LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery, is simply a TOOL to facilitate weight's not a guarantee.

Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery: What it CAN'T Do

Stomach band surgery won't take away your desire to eat and it won't fix emotional eating unfortunately. After all, the surgery is performed on your stomach...not your head!

I can't emphasize enough that a gastric banding procedure is not a magic bullet.

It does not guarantee weight loss. Results are highly dependent on YOU and your ability and motivation to follow the gastric band diet.

Having a gastric band operation does not mean you won't have to ever worry about what to eat again. In fact, just the opposite is true. Every bite counts even MORE when you can only eat a small amount.

Success after stomach band surgery is certainly possible and quite common. However, you should be clear going into it, that you'll have to expend some effort yourself. The stomach band can't do all the work for you.

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