Lap Band Recipe Reviews

by BettyBoo

If you like eggplant, both the Turkey Eggplant Casserole and the Easy Eggplant Parmesan are very delicious.

I prepared both. I froze several packages of each. Will let you know how they come out after being frozen for a couple of weeks or so. (I would always get the Eggplant Parmesan at Chili's and I know that it's pack with calories because the eggplants are fried.)

Tofu Bacon - was not impressed. Rubbery. However, I just cut the tofu bacon in bite size pieces and put them on top of the Healthy Deviled Eggs.

Easy Lowfat Pumpkin Muffins - I used the devil food cake mix and added vanilla extract. Top with fat free Cool Whip.....good. Muffins freeze well.

Crustless Quiche will be next. I really want to check out the LOWER FAT - OIL PIE CRUST as well. Wonder if you could use crust recipe to make small dumplings????

I will keep you posted on other recipes that I prepare!

Note: These meal planning tips are very helpful.

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